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I don't know where I'm going

but I promise it won't be boring

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abou t me
life's a bitch - and then you die

+ Katha. 26. german. student teacher. fangirl. freak. crazy about tv-shows. loves her flist. lazy. passionate about things she likes. faithful. often too pessimistic. often too shy. insecure with a lack of self-confidence. can be geeky.
My f-list says I'm:
cheerful. quirky. a true LJ friend and true LJ addict. sweet. creative. friendly. amazingly-awesome. original. warm-hearted. cute. funny. caring. entertaining-fun.

+ This journal will all be about my personal babblings, fangirly squeeing and stuff. If you're looking for my graphics and screencaps, you have to take a look at my graphics-community [profile] sunset_to_dawn! =)
I don't really have any friending policy (I don't really wanna play the age card as I think that's kinda unfair but to be true I prefer you to be over 18 or at least feel that way *gg*) as long as we have some interests in common. But if you friend me and don't leave me a comment here (just saying hello and why'd you like to friend me or something like that) I might quite sure NOT friend you back!!!


Being Human. Bones. Buffy. Chuck. Criminal Minds. CSI: NY. Dead Like Me. Demons. Doctor Who. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. Gilmore Girls. Gossip Girl. Hex. How I Met Your Mother. Leverage. Lost in Austen. Merlin.NCIS. One Tree Hill. Primeval. Pushing Daisies. Queer as Folk. Legend of the Seeker. Robin Hood. Six Feet Under. Skins. Smallville. Stargate Atlantis. Stargate SG-1. Supernatural. The OC. Torchwood. Veronica Mars...

Cruel Intentions. Cursed. Garden State. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Queen of the Damned. Romeo & Juliet...
I'm a total sucker for horror movies! From bad teeny horror to crappy b-, c- or d-horror, I watch and can enjoy (and laugh about) almost everything. *gg*

Harry Potter series. Inkheart series. Lord of the Rings. Pillars of the Earth. Southern Vampire Mysteries. Twilight series.

+pretty people
Adam Brody. Alexis Bledel. Alona Tal. Billie Piper. Bradley James. Chace Crawford. Colin Morgan. David Tennant. Elijah Wood. Gaspard Ulliel. James McAvoy. Jared Padalecki. Jason Dohring. Jensen Ackles. John Barrowman. Jonas Armstrong. Jude Law. Justin Hartley. Katie Cassidy. Lauren Cohan. Milo Ventimiglia. Neil Patrick Harris. Patrick Flueger. Rachel Bilson. Sophia Bush. Stuart Townsend.

Buffy/Spike (BtVS). Chuck/Sarah (Chuck). Garcia/Morgan (friendship!!- CM). Danny/Lindsay (CSI: NY). Rose/Ten(DW). Jess/Rory; Lorelai/Chris (GG). Leon/Ella (Hex). Brian/Justin(QaF). Robin/Marian(RH). Sid/Cassie; Chris/Jal (Skins). Summer/Seth (OC). Gwen/Owen; Jack/Ianto (TW). Logan/Veronica (VM). Ron/Hermione; Harry/Ginny (HP). Sookie/Eric(SVM). J2(RPS). Merlin/Arthur(Merlin). Richard/Kahlan (LotS). Annie/Mitchell(Being Human). Sam/Jack (SG-1). Barney/Robin(HIMYM).

A Fine Frenzy. Daughtry. Evanescence. Linkin Park. Madsen. Muse. My Chemical Romance. One Republic. The Fray.

Find out more about me @ my scrapbook


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